The Power of the Mind: How to Use It Successfully

James Allen once said “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you”. Mind Power is a fascinating topic and those that take the time to read and explore how their thoughts affect their actions and essentially, their life – can use this crucial information in changing or focusing their thoughts and beliefs in order to change their life.

The basic premise is that our thoughts create our actions. This is true in all areas of our life – our mental health, our physical health, our beliefs and attitudes. Take the example of Stress.

Stress is defined as the body’s reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response. The stress can be from starting a new job, the loss of a loved one, having financial challenges in your life, taking care of a loved one that is unwell, being in an unhealthy relationship, etc. All these situations involve some kind of physical action, mental thought or emotional feeling that we experience. When this stress is not managed well, it can lead to serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

This is a good example as it simply shows how having a specific thought can end up leading to a physical condition. The power the mind – when used incorrectly, can lead to serious consequences. Your thoughts will manifest itself in your life. This is true whether you are paying attention to your thoughts or not.

Placebo Effect

A good example of this is the placebo effect. This term refers to the case where people are given placebos in clinical trials often experiencing the effects caused by the actual medication itself. They believe that they are taking the medication and thus they start to feel the effects of that medication. However, in reality, their placebo may have simply been a pill made of 100% sugar. This is a good illustration on how our thoughts create our reality and the power of the mind and how it can affect your physical well-being.

Positive vs Negative Attitude

There are more and more studies that have shown how mind power affects your health. Patients undergoing the same medical surgery, but with different attitudes, having dramatically different results. Patients with a positive attitude going into the surgery – often had a more successful recovery than those patients that went in with a negative attitude.

This is another example of how our thoughts affect our physical health. Once again, Mind Power and its effect on how your body will heal. Learning to use the power of your mind is important and essential in order to live a good life.

How Do You Use the Power of the mind?

There are some simple steps/techniques that you need to focus on:

  1. Have a clear goal – it should be clear and precise 
  2. Focus your mental actions and your physical actions on achieving that goal

Be Clear and Specific with Your Goal

You want a job/business – what kind of job? Full time, part time? What hours do you want to work? What salary or profit do you want to make? Be specific. Saying a ‘lot of money’ is not being specific. Exactly how much do you want to make – 60 thousand? 100 thousand dollars?

The more specific you are – the clearer the message is to your subconscious mind and the more likely you are going to attract the type of job/business that you desire. Remember, in order for Mind Power to work for you – you need to be clear and specific. Now it does not stop with simply the thought process.

Take Action

Look out for opportunities – do not dismiss any small opportunity that comes your way. Be alert for these signs – and take action. Perhaps your friend mentions that he saw an opening in the paper for an interesting position, perhaps your old manager emails you to see how you’ve been – these could very well be the disguised opportunities. Be on alert so that you recognize them and take the action you need to do achieve your goal.

We Can Do This

You don’t need a college or university degree to make this happen. This is simply working with the power of your mind so that you can achieve anything you set your mind to – big or small goals. It works – it’s been proven to work. Why not get on board and start making the changes you need to in order to live the best life possible?

This is how mind power works and when you work with mind power correctly you begin to create the changes you want. Mind power works and it can work for you so work with your mind power every day. Apply mind power correctly and you’ll enjoy greater success.

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