Finding Flow to Escape Stuck-at-Home Captivity!

I kind of entered a flow state. I’ve been there before while climbing. You are not thinking ahead. You are just thinking about what is in front of you each second.”

Aron Ralston           

Feeling isolated or penned in like most of your fellow humans? While you can’t host a party or travel in this era of social distancing and quarantining, you can escape into your mind. When you find a state of flow, concerns and anxieties evaporate. In this subtle form of transcendence, you can lose yourself in time and not notice that hours have passed. A transcendent experience reboots the mind, reduces stress, helps you lose track of yourself, and stops you from focusing on petty annoyances.Even though you may be confined to close quarters, you can find your own flavor of flow by turning your passions into an activity, such as:

·      Teaching. Share a skill with a family member, inform a friend online, or instruct a student who is struggling to learn virtually.

·      Writing. Jot down ideas in a journal each morning to collect your thoughts and set your goals for the day. Or write your memoirs or a how-to book.

·      Playing music. Dust off your high school clarinet, play the piano or guitar or listen to music and learn about the genre and the artist.

·      Gardening. Weed your garden, feed your plants, dig up leftover seeds and plant some herbs.

·      Create a video. Use a computer or phone and some help from YouTube to create a short video for others or to share in a wider audience.

·      Organize family photos. Put your family photos in order, in a book or by scanning them electronically.

·      Learn. Many people find transcendence when learning something brilliant that lights up the mind. Such simple experiences can melt away isolation, sparking joy and meaning. We find relief and meaning through transcendent states that wash away our sense of self and make us feel more connected to others and the world.


Judy Holland is the author of HappiNestFinding Fulfillment When Your Kids Leave Home and host of the HappiNest podcast. Connect with Judy Holland on Twitter @JudyHAuthor, Instagram @judyhollandauthor, Facebook @judyhollandauthorLinkedInYouTube, and visit

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