10 Ways to Be Healthier in 2020

2020 is the year to have 20/20 vision on your health.

Past the New Year’s resolutions, getting serious about being
healthy is a lifetime goal. As there are no shortcuts for creating a new
routine for yourself, it’s time to buckle down and see what you can do day-in
and day-out to have a healthier lifestyle.

And if you’re wondering about where to begin, then luckily for
you, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best ways to get yourself healthier this
year. Check them out below:

1. Implement CBD Into
Your Daily Routine

One of the best ways to improve your mental state and feel
better about getting through the day is by implementing more CBD into your
daily routine. As one of the biggest health crazes in the past few years, CBD’s
popularity shows no sign of slowing down, with the best CBD oil on the
coming from those who’ve had skin the game the longest.

Now reaping the rewards of national legalization, brands from
PureKana to Penguin CBD are producing
solutions that everyone from Baby Boomers to Generation-Z are loving, providing
a lot of value to their daily routine that wasn’t there before.

Check out a few types of CBD products and how they might be able
to benefit your day-to-day, as the results so far have been staggering.

2. Change Up Your Diet

While we often hear the cliche “you are what you eat”, it’s
still one of the most accurate descriptions of how diet affects us. Certain
foods are harder for your body to digest and don’t provide the nutrition you
need based on your lifestyle, as well as are portioned too big.

The timing of when you eat plays a significant role as well, and
although we’re not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be eating, we
will say that learning how to provide a little bit more balance to what you eat
will give you the feeling of being more balanced in your thinking and movement
as well.

3. Figure Out The
Exercises You’ll Like

Despite how often people suggest to hit the gym or go for a run, those
exercises aren’t for everyone. Realistically, a healthy lifestyle is about
being active for at least 30 minutes to an hour daily, and whether that’s biking,
swimming, walking, or even playing flag football, the overall goal is to find
an exercise you enjoy.

Try out a few activities you think you’d enjoy, or even pick up
on something you may have done in High School you may have liked doing, giving
you a base to jump off of and into what you can do on your day-to-day.

4. Join A Club

If you feel like trying to exercise solo is too daunting of a
task, then joining a club is always a smart choice. From kickball to chess,
there are a ton of adult activity leagues out there you can use to not only get
active but meet new people as well. A great option if you’re looking to
approach both your physical and mental health, a club can be just the spice you
need in your 2020 recipe.

5. Cut Back On Vices

It’s easy to get caught up in our vices. Whether it’s drinking,
smoking, or overindulgence in sweets, everyone has something that’s a crutch.
While we’re not suggesting to quit everything all at once, it’s important to
check yourself and see what type of balance exists in your life.

Our recommendation is to write down a few things you’d like to
do instead of your normal go-to vice, as well as explore some other ways to
relax, such as a CBD oil broad spectrum, which will
give you a much more relaxed feel than alcohol ever could.

6. Get Proper Sleep

Sleep is the absolute cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle.
Whether your goal is to perform better at work, focus on your mental health, or
even lose weight, sleep is vital to all three.

While many of us try to compensate for feeling burnt out at work
by staying up late, that’s only robbing you of how much more time you could
have been more productive, coming closer to your goals. It’s inevitable to have
some nights where we can’t sleep or have to stay up late, but the basic idea
should be to pick a bedtime and stick with it, providing the core function of
every successful day.

7. Drink More Water

Water helps a lot more than beyond just when we’re thirsty. As
the basis of all life, water helps with cognitive ability, your digestive
system, and even in helping rid the body of toxins. Unavoidably a vital
component of every healthy lifestyle, drinking a few glasses of water per day
is a must.

A smart tip to keep up with water consumption is downloading an
app to remind you, or setting a few alarms during the day to ensure it’s on
your schedule.

8. Go Out To Eat Less

For most of us, going out to eat is predominately unhealthy.
While we might have a salad here or juice there, it’s too easy to end up eating
fried foods as well as a lot of carbs and starches when we go out to eat. Not
only does it get pricey to eat a lot of these foods (which, if we’re being
honest, will eventually end up to be mediocre), but it’s also not good for your
gut. Instead, take 2020 to be the year you really start preparing more foods at home, honing in on
cutting both the money leaving your wallet, as well as your gut.

9. Take Mental Health

Mental health breaks are vital for not only your job performance
but life performance as well. For how often we feel like we’re constantly
going, sometimes the best use of your time is simply taking time to do nothing.
Having a moment of reflection to see where your life is and where you want it
to go is crucial, giving you the opportunity to realign a new direction.

Try to jot down some of your feelings, giving you the chance to
diagnose how you can improve your mental health going into the future.

10. Always Opt For More

opting to be more active in every situation is always smart for building your
health up. This is the simple, small decisions we make every day, such as
taking the stairs over the elevator or opting to walk instead of taking an

it might not seem like much, the small collection of these active sparks will
be widely beneficial to you, helping with losing or maintaining weight. Plus,
it’ll help with motivation on bigger and bigger tasks moving forward.

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