With lifestyle, health,
fitness, skincare-based magazines all flooding with articles on CBD, it is
quite apparent that this compound coming from cannabis is taking over the
health and fitness industry. What’s more, is that there’s a base to its
popularity. Besides magazines, you’d also find renowned researchers ardently
researching the compound to identify many health benefits that it can deliver.

CBD is well-known for
its painkilling property. And since CBD
is a plant-based compound, it works in the most natural way to provide relief
from pain without any side-effects. Arthritis and joint pain have become quite
common- not just in people who age but also in adults who live a busy life and
don’t have much time to follow healthy habits. The good news is- CBD can help
in dealing with joint aches and muscle pains. Thus, CBD is also quite popular
with people who work out.

While there are so many
types of CBD products available on the market, there’s always confusion as to
what kind of product would have the quickest action when it comes to pain. Many
brands claim that the best remedy for pain from a workout is pain stick infused
with CBD. Here’s how
pain stick

can help in relieving post-workout pain.


Not a lot of people are
aware of a system in our body that’s called the endocannabinoid system.
Furthermore, our body also produces natural cannabinoids, known as
endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids are the main component responsible for
the healthy functioning of our endocannabinoid system.

Our endocannabinoid
system helps in maintaining homeostasis. There are some receptors called CB2
receptors. These receptors also help in managing pain as well as reducing
inflammation. When our body doesn’t have enough amounts of endocannabinoids or
our body is exposed to extreme workout, it becomes difficult to manage pain
from muscle soreness.

When you rub the CBD
pain stick on the area where you feel pain, the CBD from the pain stick gets
absorbed. This CBD makes it to the receptors and attaches to them. Since CBD is
quite similar to endocannabinoids that are naturally produced by our body, it
also mimics the function of endocannabinoids by attaching itself to CB2
receptors. And as the receptors get activated, they work to reduce pain from
sore muscles conveniently.

These receptors also
help in preventing the formation of cytokines. Cytokines are responsible for
inflammation. Many times, when you experience pain from muscle soreness, the
culprit is the release of cytokines. However, when CBD prevents cytokines from
being released, it helps in bringing down swelling or preventing swelling, thus
making it easier to deal with pain.

Many CBD pain-sticks
also contain other complementary ingredients, like herbs and essential oils
that work to reduce pain and inflammation. This makes CBD pain-sticks far more


Since CBD comes from
cannabis, it is easily confused with products that are made from marijuana for
recreational use that get you high. The reason why marijuana gets you high is
that it contains yet another cannabinoid called THC in high concentration. THC
has psychoactive properties. However, CBD that is used in health products is
extracted from hemp.

Industrial hemp contains
only traces of THC. It is safe to use a CBD product that contains less than 0.3
percent of THC. Thus, when you use a CBD pain stick that contains CBD extracted
from hemp, check lab reports to make sure there’re only permissible amounts of
THC, you’re at no risk of getting high or being hooked to a CBD product.

If you’re buying a CBD
pain stick from a reliable and reputed seller, you can expect it to work well.
While a pain stick can’t guarantee complete prevention or cure of pain, it can
make muscle soreness tolerable for you. With so many topicals and balms in the
market, CBD pain stick is definitely worth a try.

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