3 Steps To Achieve Any Goal in your life

Have you ever been inspired to reach a goal of some sort and ended up letting it all go before even starting? Have you ever wondered what would it mean to reach any goal in your life?

Inside your heart, you get very excited about doing whatever it is you plan. And then your brain starts processing all the energy, devotion, effort, and time needed to actually reach this goal, that is when you give up and leave it all behind.

Personally, I have always wanted to dance the tango like a pro. I lived in Buenos Aires and I saw the couples dancing and they looked so smooth and focused. It felt like they became one among themselves and fused with the music. It is a very sensual dance. I was picturing myself dancing, and the next thing I knew I was already signing up for the dancing classes.

But the class was too far from my house and I was very busy during that part of my life. I could not go to every class and, gradually, my skills were very behind the rest of the class. That, in turn, made me regret going there, come up with excuses not to go even on the few nights that I was free, and in the end, I gave up on the classes that were already paid for.

I didn’t even bother to ask for a refund for the remaining classes because I felt so disappointed with myself. And here is why I am sharing this with you.

Chances are you have gone through a similar situation in your life – with exercises, a diet, learning a foreign language. It was a goal that you wanted to achieve, and you gave up before getting seriously committed.

How can you overcome that? Well, here is how to achieve any goal in your life in 3 simple steps.

1. Find Your Motivation Behind Your Dream

The first thing you need to understand is why you want to do this. This will be a powerful force to keep you motivated. Often, we have big dreams that end up being someone else’s goals and dreams. Other times it is something that we heard about and sounded really good or cool. And other times it’s simply something that everyone else is doing – and not a single person knows why.

For example, you could think that having a public job and a safe retirement is a great thing. However, deep inside, what you really want is to become an entrepreneur, take risks, and be your own boss. In that case, you will live a dreadful life, killing yourself a little bit, every single day.

This is why finding your own motivation is such a powerful driving force. This is the strength that will make you persevere and find the energy to go the extra mile. Adversity and obstacles will become an inspiration to extract the best of you and keep moving forward. And moving towards your own goals will be easier than anything else you have ever done in your life.

2. Focus On What You Can Do Now

Consciously living on the present and focusing on what is within your reach to change and mold ensures you can keep moving forward, regardless of your current conditions and restrictions. That is much more productive than just thinking about the future and doing nothing to change your present. Some people call it mindfulness.

For example, if you have a goal to become fit, push yourself harder during your next workout. And consciously focus on one workout at a time, instead of thinking that you still need so many months or years of hard work. Focus on running further, adding repeats, or lifting more NOW.

If you have a goal at work, then make 10 extra sales calls, reach 10 old customers and ask them why they stopped buying from your company, stop procrastinating and start that project today, and so on.

The simple fact is that focusing on today and start acting towards it immediately will put you on the right road towards success.

3. Split A Bigger Goal Into Smaller Steps

Every journey starts with the first step. You have to start somewhere and climb the ladder. Since you know where you want to go, it becomes much easier to trace smaller actions that you have to perform in order to reach your goal.

You can avoid sabotaging yourself by switching the logic. Instead of failing on a large goal, you can succeed in completing a series of smaller tasks that will take you increasingly closer to yourdream life. It is much easier to write 2,000 words daily than writing an entire novel.

Closing Thoughts

So these are the steps I follow to achieve any goal in my life. I would love to know about the strategy you follow to gain success in your life.

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