A Physician Letter Essay Sample

From: Dr. Abu Salim Idris (Consultant Neurologist at KPJ Tawakkal
Hospital/ MMC NO 23250 / nsr 124687/)

To: Whom it may concern

I Am writing regarding the health of
Passport NO: VP3153200 (OMAN), D.O.B: 01/07/1991

The above-mentioned patient was born on the 1st day of July 1991 in Oman
and a student at the KDU University in Malaysia. The student is set to go back
for his holidays in his country during the upcoming holidays. However, due to
the prevailing medical condition, I request the student remains within my
custody during the two months of holiday. The patient is currently undergoing
medication with severe cases of Migraine, Insomnia, and Fibromyalgia. As a
result, I had placed him under medication for the last month. During the
treatment, it is critical for the patient to remain under close monitoring of a
physician in order to monitor the recovery progress or any other medical issue
that may arise. It is in the best interest of the patient that I request he
remains under close monitoring on the progress due to the nature of the
medication the patient is currently undergoing.

For Fibromyalgia, the student is under Tramadol drugs
100 mg tds. Tramadol is used by the patient in controlling the pain caused by
the osteoarthritis. The drug comes in two forms, and as such, it is essential
for a specialist to have close monitoring of the type of drug the patient is
taking while under mediation to avoid confusion. In treating Insomnia, the
patient is under Remeron 30mg ON medication. This is an effective drug, but the
patient should be keen to take medicine at the same time each day for the time
he is under medication. Based on the progress, the dose may keep getting
reduced over time. The patient is also undergoing medication on Migraine and is
taking Lyrica 150mg twice a day. Furthermore, when the patient takes the drugs,
there may be a need for close monitoring as there can be cases of difficulty in

It is by the above medical effects of the drugs that
I, Dr. Abu Salim Idris, working as a consultant at KPJ Tawakkal Specialist
Hospital / MMC NO 23250 / nsr 124687/at this moment request that the patient
remains under my custody during the two months holiday for treatment and
observation. It is in the interest of the patient that there should be
consistent observation and monitoring as he takes his drugs. I commit to assist
the patient in every professional manner possible to see him recover. Any other
progress or intervention necessary will be communicated in a timely manner.

Thank you and looking forward to your cooperation.

Yours faithfully

Dr. Abu Salim Idris

Consultant Neurologist

KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital

MMC No. 23250

NSR 124687

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