7 Daily Habits to Practice at Work

Aristotle once said that we are products of what we repeatedly do. He continued to say that excellence is not an act but a habit.

Many people hate routines because routines are often monotonous and feel like you are living by rules set by someone else. However, lack of an organized structure at work, or only having no routine, will drain you physically, mentally and emotionally. Imagine going to work every morning without a schedule? You wouldn’t know what to tackle first and what to put aside.

With daily habits such as exercise and reading, you recharge your mind and enjoy what you do even more. You can accomplish more in a day than you would if you forego daily routines. Below are seven every-day habits to try at work.

1. Eat Healthily

Most people know the importance of a healthy diet but rarely eat healthy meals while at work. According to WebMD, more than 70 percent of Americans eat from their desks three or four times a week; a habit that is not advisable. The desk was designed for work and not as a dining table.

While at work, it is essential to take tea and lunch breaks and eat your food at peace with a friend or with other colleagues. Fruits and vegetables, lean meat, a lot of water and roughages, and enough carbs should make up your daily diet. Forget fast foods and instead make your meals at home where you can regulate the ingredients.

Besides eating healthy, get healthy and natural supplements such as nootropics to boost your energy, enhance cognitive function, better your mood and your concentration and enhance your memory.

2. Read a Book, Keep Learning

A person whose mindset is focused on growth will view daily challenges as opportunities. When you focus on personal growth, you will always be ready to take on challenging tasks, you will remain optimistic, and this propels your career progression.

If you put your mind to it, you can learn anything. According to Benjamin Franklin, an investment in knowledge gives the best interest.

Today, there are hundreds of books accessible on Kindle, others on your computer and others as hard copies. Access and read these books, enroll for online courses, attend seminars and learn from industry influencers. Reading a few hours every day will make you grow personally and professionally.

3. Keep a Journal

Have you ever kept a journal? Probably you haven’t, but there are several reasons why you should. First off, a journal helps you clear your mind; it is a way of expressing yourself to remove the clutter that blocks your creativity.

A journal helps you understand your past, present, and future. When you note down your thoughts every day, your objectives, goals, and ambitions become clear. It offers you a way to consolidate lessons you learn, be grateful and keep records.

Start by noting down small accomplishments, things you are grateful for and issues you are struggling with. Write your journal, and you will see a difference.

4. Meditate

Meditating is a way of personal observation. It helps you develop better concentration, develop a positive mindset and see the true nature of your surrounding including people you work with and the work environment.

Charles Duhigg, in his book “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” observes that the small habits people introduce into their daily routine will unintentionally carry over to all aspects of life. Meditation should be part of your daily habit. You can meditate between 10 and 15 minutes in the morning or evening.

Meditation will improve your relationships with other people, your mood, productivity, personal development and relieve you of stress.

5. Work Out Regularly

Exercise is linked to good health. Today, most corporations have installed workout facilities to help workers work out. This is in the hopes that working out will, in turn, enhance the mood of the employees, make them happy and increase their productivity.

Exercise has enormous benefits for your body and mind. First off, it increases your energy levels and boosts your confidence. With regular practice, you can beat stress and become calmer. Even better, you will sleep better.

Schedule exercise on your calendar if you want to make it a habit. This way, you will not forget. However, do not make the mistake of going to the gym for your entire lunch hour and lifting weights until you cannot lift a finger anymore. Instead, start by running or jogging for a few kilometers and proceed to strenuous exercises as your body energy develops.

Make exercise enjoyable by engaging only in workouts you love.

6. Take Frequent Breaks

Have you ever been stuck on a task at work then took a break and the solution popped up in your mind? That’s the power of a break. Breaks reduce mental fatigue, help you relax and see issues clearly.

A movement break is vital for your physical and emotional wellbeing. Too much sitting increases your risk of getting heart diseases, depression, obesity, and diabetes. Take a break and walk for five minutes; you will beat depression and other conditions.

When you concentrate on a single task for long, your performance will be hindered as your brain becomes fatigued. This means that you will accomplish less in a day than if you took a break. It is during a break that you consolidate ideas and memories to enhance learning.

7. Keep Your Attitude in Check

The mood you bring to work influences your productivity; One of the healthiest habits you can practice every day is to keep your mental attitude in check.

Your state of mind dictates your happiness. When a negative attitude dominates your life, you will depress your mind and spirit and your productivity at work will dwindle with each passing day. To enjoy and feel satisfied with your work, you need a positive mindset.

One way to keep your work attitude positive is to ensure that your thoughts concentrate on what you are doing. If you are physically at work, but your mind is elsewhere, then your attitude towards work will suffer.

Conclusion: Start Small

Before switching off your computer and going home in the evening, review your activities during the day. What went well and what went amiss? What changes do you need for a smoother routine? What did you learn?

This ritual will help make your days better and your routines perfect. When introducing new habits, say something like meditation or exercise, start small and make changes as you go.



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