Hope vs. Action

Hope has been thrown around as a word or a feeling that is supposed to make a difference in your life. It has, however, been erroneously used in areas of your life it has no business being in.

Hope is nothing more than a wish for something good to happen. Hope is a way to feel productive but ultimately doing nothing.

About two years ago I was talking about real estate investing with a friend and he told me he hopes to get into it, and was quite excited about doing it. I went out that month looking to buy my first house. Obviously, this is a soft entry into real estate, but it is necessary to start somewhere. My friend is still hoping to get into real estate one day. This is one of the many examples where hope has accomplished nothing.

This is what is wrong with hope; It means nothing in a world full of people with hopes for a better life. I’m not against having hope, but have hope for things you can’t control, such as hoping for good weather tomorrow. From a personal development perspective, hope is useless. It means you are putting off action for inaction. Saying you hope for wealth or good health is playing the same odds as hoping to win the lottery.

What you need to do is have goals, not hopes. Hoping has no definitive plan, while a goal, a well-made goal, is a plan of action. A well-made goal has small steps you can act upon every day until you inevitably reach your goal. It is important to take away from this that you need to write them down to help you visualize what you need to do. It is not enough to simply think about them.

Also, do not make the mistake of making goals without contingencies, or without some insurances in case anything goes wrong, so it will not set you back too far. A good plan will help you mitigate any of those problems, or at least minimize your down time.

I once heard someone say the journey should be what you’re after, not the goal. Although we can get into debate whether one is more important than the other, I believe it depends on the goal and the person. Either way, the journey will always be a part of your goals, best enjoy it.

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