5 Powerful Tips to Motivate Yourself During Difficult Times

One of the famous American motivational speakers, John C. Maxwell remarked –

You don’t overcome challenges by making them smaller but by making yourself bigger.”

Whenever we talk about getting a positive result, then you need to keep yourself motivated. It is the only way that makes things happen. So, one of the best ways to achieve success is to motivate yourself. Once you master it, then you can easily tackle any obstacles in your life.

So, if you really want to know “how to stay motivated“, then, here are some effective techniques that will definitely help you out with this –

How to Keep Yourself Motivated in Hard Times?

TECHNIQUE 1: Decide on a Goal

There is no denying the fact that goals have power. Setting a goal for yourself is considered as the best proven technique to stay motivated. Setting a goal earlier will help you to achieve it successfully. Remember, your goal must be based on the SMART approach. It represents:

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Actionable
R = Relevant
T = Timely

Doing so will help you stay motivated throughout…

TECHNIQUE 2: Keep Good Company

Positive environment plays a major role in self-motivation. So, to create such an environment around you, it is very necessary to be in a good company with positive people. Because, people with positive psychology are not just motivated themselves but others around them feel the zeal to excel. So, be with the people who motivate you during your hard times.

TECHNIQUE 3: Learn From Your Mistakes

Mistakes are the best things that can help you improve yourself. So, instead of getting demotivated from your mistakes, consider them as an experience. Being human, we all make mistakes due to some inherent defects or flaws in our characters. But, always remember one thing that these mistakes are not final as each and every mistake has some lesson for us. So, learn a lesson from those mistakes and make a better future.

TECHNIQUE 4: Always Be Happy

Always tackle the problems with the same happiness and enthusiasm as you enjoy the good times. Because it is always said, when you face any difficulty with a big smile on your face, then the difficulty seems easy to handle. No matter what the situation is, try to keep yourself motivated all the time because life is full of ups and downs. So, you have to face it anyhow, then why not face it happily.

TECHNIQUE 5: Play to Your Strengths

Thinking about your weakness all the time will definitely wear you down. Instead, spend more time in knowing your strength as it will help you in renewing your energy and always keep you motivated. Strengths are the best place to grow yourself at your best. So, find things that make you happy and motivated throughout the day. Always try to play with your strengths, not with your weakness.


Self-motivation doesn’t just happen, you have to apply the above-mentioned techniques and start practicing it in order to motivate yourself. Even if you acquire only 2-3 skills, then also it will help you a lot. So, just implement it in your lifestyle and watch your productivity SOAR!!!

Summary: Those who get demotivated very easily, must read this article to know the techniques to stay motivated throughout life and achieve better results.

Mira Smith is a motivational speaker and love to inspire people for their better career. Apart from motivating them, she also provides assignment help USA to them. When she gets free time, she loves to cook food for her family.

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