The World’s Most Spiritually Powerful Places

Around the globe, there are some special places, both on and off the tourist trail, that have strong spiritual connections. Some are known for being historical sacred centers for religious ceremonies or worship and others from being blessed with natural powerful spiritual and psychic energies. If you are eager to tap into or recharge your spirituality or psychic energy, then why not put these destinations on your bucket list:

1 – Stonehenge (UK)

Located on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England, the world-famous mysterious stone circle dates to prehistoric times. Erected almost 3,000 years ago, its construction involved a feat of engineering that still baffles modern day experts. Just how did stone-age people manage to construct and drag giant stones (each weighing 25 tons) from a quarry many miles away with the crudest of implements? The sacred site originally had 30 upright stone pillars, but only 17 stones are left standing today and it remains a mystery as to what purpose or significance the stone circle had to the Neolithic population that built it?

The entire site is also rooted in ancient druid and pagan history, believed to be a source of great spiritual energy and where to this day they conduct religious ceremonies. To psychics, Stonehenge is where one can attain spiritual enlightenment.

2 – Benares (India)

Also known as Varanasi, the holy city of Benares is located beside the Ganges River in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is a major religious place in India with the religions of Hinduism and Jainism regarding it as the holiest of the seven sacred cities. Hindus consider Benares sacred since Lord Shiva and Pavrati once lived here. Devotees from both India and abroad make a pilgrimage to the city to bathe and perform cremations or meditate. Despite its polluted state, they see it as spiritually pure, capable of washing away all mortal sins. Also, the river enables the granting of ‘moksha’ – the final release from the life, death, and rebirth cycle. The city has made a strong impression on people around the world with American author Mark Twain being bowled over by the city’s dazzling exotic sights.

3 – Pyramids (Egypt)

Egypt’s pyramids at Giza, Egypt, are more than just fascinating ancient tombs to pharaohs and their consorts. The site dating to circa 250-2560 BC is popular for celestial gazing and astrological reading with some psychics even connecting the pyramids’ and their own powers together. The pyramids can help people spiritually through the use of various forms of spiritual readings including:

  • Pyramid reading
  • Tarot card reading
  • Sand readings
  • Palm readings

4 – The Vatican (Italy)

Every year, millions of Catholics pay homage to the home of Catholicism, the Vatican City, in Rome, in particular, St Peter’s Basilica. However, the place also has an emerging connection with psychics. In the past, the Catholic Church frowned upon and even condemned psychic abilities. However, a 2016 church document revealed a changing view of people with “psychic gifts.”

A Catholic author with psychic abilities explained that she was a clairvoyant who can see the past, present, and future. When someone approaches her for a psychic reading, she is able to see events they have experienced flashing before her eyes. A Catholic priest was also reported to believe that everyone has varying degrees of instinctive psychic ability. For example, a mother having the ability to know when her child is in danger.

What the religious organisation warns about, however, is the wrong use of these gifts. Their advice is not to believe so-called psychics who claim that they can communicate with saints, as you can only pray for a saint’s intervention.

5 – Tibet

Tibet has been isolated from the world for several centuries. However, with political tensions recently subsiding its secrets have started to emerge. This mysterious captivating place, geographically the highest on Earth, is a stronghold of Buddhist culture devoted to spiritual living. Immersing yourself in its unique customs will make you feel uplifted and spiritually cleansed.

Buddhist monks have an interesting enlightening view of psychic abilities and spiritual development. During their meditation, they can develop psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral body projection and other psychic abilities. While they see these gifts useful, it’s not something they wish to brag about. Buddhist teaching also warns that using supernormal powers can be corruptive if used with the wrong intentions.

6 – Machu Picchu (Peru)

The Incas built Machu Picchu in Peru’s Sacred Valley as a shrine to connect with the “Star People”. Legends described them as a group that visited the Incas, blessing them with spiritual energy. Some psychics also recount how Machu Picchu helps several of their clients. They feel transformed after visiting and walking around the sacred place. A trek to this place can help you let go of your pent-up frustrations or help you gain the courage to start a new career.

7 – Bali (Indonesia)

The breathtakingly beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia is where Buddhist and Hindu spiritual energies converge. It is also a place where psychic healers can:

  • Mend broken hearts
  • Ease chronic pains
  • Relieve stress

However, in order for the treatment to be effective, you’ll first need to allow the positive energies to work their magic and keep an open mind.


These are just a few of the many magical places where you can harness your spiritual or psychic abilities. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to go on a voyage of inner discovery of your own. Just remember, wherever you travel, it’s important to keep a positive state of mind. So, my final words are just to embrace the energies with open arms and feel them entering your body.

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