Efficient Use Of Your Time

So today I wake up with a slight headache due to a few extra glasses of wine I drank last night with my wife. We began talking about our plans and how we can increase our chances of obtaining the financial freedom we desperately want. We discussed various scenarios, including real estate investing, expanding my blog, and a few other random thoughts.

This is something we like to do on a weekly basis, and sometimes even more, but the idea is to keep thinking about it so we can focus our thoughts on what we want and not what our current situation is. Not that our current situation is bad, we have everything we need, and we have many projects that keep us busy and productive. But, being busy does not mean you’ll be successful.

Being busy can mean you are inefficient and what takes you 8 hours to do, might take someone else 4 hours, or even less. This is what we plan on doing, which is becoming more efficient at doing what we need done, and using the extra time to work on other sources of income or investment. This is not to say that time is the only resource that can be used more efficiently, but it is a start. There are other resources at your disposal, and the trick is using them effectively. One of the best resources one may have is money, which you can use to make more money. It doesn’t matter if you have $50 or $50,000, you can use it to make money instead of buying things you will ultimately throw or give away. A simple way to make a little extra cash with your money is investing regularly on an app like Acorns, or taking a quick stroll through the clearance isles of your local retail stores, and selling a marked down item on eBay or Amazon.

Although this isn’t a post on getting rich schemes, I wanted to point out that there is much you can do with very little money and available time. Take a look at how you’re spending your time and money, and create a budget for each, yes both. People will plan how much money they should spend on groceries or entertainment, but most hardly ever budget their time. Don’t waste it unnecessarily, plan your days, weeks, and months ahead of time, and you’ll be surprised how much extra time you have to work on your dreams.

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