Top 6 Team Collaboration Apps for Mac

The only way to achieve great teamwork and productivity across organizations is by adopting the best team collaboration tools. Though the number is ever increasing and there are many out there available in the market, the business owners need to choose the right one for their teams to extend uninterrupted work conversations.

However, this post will guide in choosing the appropriate apps for MAC that are according to your business.

The internet has made collaboration as easy as a pie than ever. With just a few clicks you can talk to someone halfway around the world.

Collaboration is fundamental in today’s super-connected business environment. Surprisingly, there are a wide range of productivity apps available in the market to serve every need irrespective of size and form of the organizations.

The rise of mobile applications has seen demand for an evolution. With the right software, you can run your business from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

Employees prefer to work away from the office; whether it is of the regular business trip or typical work from home thing. There are occasions when you need to collaborate with co-workers through technology rather than in person.

Additionally, you do not even require a desktop to get the things done as you can take advantage of the growing selection of apps.

But which tools do you use? Do not fear when we are here. Let us dive in:

Troop Messenger Communication is key in the workplace and Troop Messenger is one of the best ways to “talk.” It is a highly efficient team collaboration tool for MAC because of its minute detailed features. It is dead easy for organizations to integrate and collaborate as it is customized flawlessly and fits accurately in all spaces. It comes with a smooth interface, rich design, and high-functionality.

Alongside with instant messaging, it supports all formats of media sharing, video calling, screen sharing, smart filters and perhaps best of all.

Asana has been in the industry since 2008 and made its mark as a veteran in the team collaboration arena. Many big heads use this as their core method of communication. You can divide projects up into smaller segments before assigning to a team member to get work on.

Asana allows you to integrate the best time tracking software to track the work status of the employees.

You can do the following using Asana:

  • Create to-do lists.
  • Set reminders for all the work deadliness.
  • Send requests to colleagues.


the members can drop in comments within the app without any separate message or boring email; which makes the work collaboration seamless.

It offers unlimited use for a maximum of 15 people; which is ideal for small businesses.

Trello is acquired by Atlassian and has begun the new chapter in empowering teams everywhere. It is an online tool for managing projects as well as personal tasks. This application has garnered repentance with its to-do lists and cards. You can organize those cards into lists and boards and create your own workflow.

Whether the thing is household to-do lists or corporate realignment plans, Trello has got your back. With the addition of emojis to cards, they brought a whole new level of communication for teams. It is available for MAC, Android, and Windows as well.

It happens that your team cannot be at the same place at the same time. For those times when you must have to discuss things over a video call or instant messaging, it does not get much easier than Hangouts.
This application lets you create your own space and can hold a video call with up to 25 participants in your organization.

Google’s product, Google Hangouts is one of the best team collaboration tools for mac as you can chat with up to 150 people on a diverse variety of devices. From direct messages to group conversations, this application makes it simple to get the work done in one place.

A name that does not need a certain introduction. It is backed up with robust search tools. This application is only designed with a motto to make it super-easy for remote teams or employees to collaborate in a human way.

In Slack, you will find many interesting features designed or integrated all in single interface. It further allows you to view social media feeds into it. Slack is compatible with MAC with its easy to navigate feature functional flows and interface.

This application is the best self-hosted team chat app. It is deeply customizable and can run on any kind of company’s services. Although the core chat experience might feel much like Slack, the customization of almost everything how you want your team work together has made it stand top in the list.

With Mattermost, you can keep things orderly by creating as many teams you want, each with their members and channels. From the user interface to the design of your login page, you can tweak everything here.

Bottom Line:

Any business relies on effective communication and the team collaboration apps are the one-go to stay organized and facilitate conversations seamlessly. With these six applications, any size of the team can manage their data, work together to create documents, and stay in constant touch. Regardless of how you work, your needs would be covered!



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