The 10 Best Motivational Apps

No matter the kind of person you are, you that it’s important to stay motivated in life. Motivation is a key driving force that pushes you to be more proactive, though most people end up pushing themselves too hard especially when they don’t meet their set targets. Let’s look at the top 10 apps that will help you to create that positive energy and feel motivated to go on your daily tasks no matter how monotonous they might be.

Top 10 Best Motivation Apps

  • Forest: Stay Focused

If you’re a Smartphone maniac, the Forest: Stay Focused mobile app is what you need to focus on your duties like studying or office work. The app requests you to plant a tree that grows within a 10 – 120 minutes time frame. As such, the tree continues to grow into a forest when you remain on the app, allowing you to stay away from your Smartphone as you accomplish your daily duties.

  • Fabulous: Motivate Me!

When people don’t meet their goals, they not only suffer from disappointment but also loss of confidence. Fortunately, you can achieve your daily targets today by installing the “Fabulous: Motivate Me!” app.


If you want an app that can track your goals, is the solution you’re seeking. The app lets you set your goals, and you can take a look later in the day to see whether you’ve accomplished them.

  • Strides: Habit Tracker

The Strides app is a life and habit organizing tool that comes in handy as it allows you to set different personal goals like weight, budget, savings and sleeping, to mention a few. You can use the app to strategize on how to place wagers at while getting daily reports of how committed you are in realizing your goals.

  • iWish – Wishlist, Life Goals & Bucket List

As the name suggests, iWish lets you manage and organize your daily activities to get rid of hard feelings and other torments that hinder you from achieving your goals. The app is designed with themes and colorful photos, allowing you to track your bucket list and note whether you’ve finally accomplished the set goals.

  • Success Coach

Everybody desires to thrive and succeed in life. The success coach app is one of the ways you can make that a reality by staying motivated through the journey. Even better, this app comes with several tools to keep you focused on your success journey.

  • Way of Life

Known as the ultimate habit maker, the Way of Life records your failures and successes for the day in tables and graphs. It also gives you detailed reports using green and red color to track your daily actives and show you the positive and negative side.

  • Habit Bull – Habit Tracker

If you want a habit tracking app that helps you to manage your time, this app is the tool for you. It’s designed in a user-friendly design, allowing you to track your daily activities while adding positive habits.

  • Shuffle My Life

If you are an android user looking for an application that will get rid of your boredom when you’re not using the Betway98 app, then Shuffle My Life is the perfect companion. The app comes with a cool user-interface, and it allows you to discover new places and people depending on location.

Quite different from the others, Pact lets the users display their card to be credited or debited if you succeed. The app also lets you decide the amount to charge as punishment.



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