How to Harness the Message Within the Nightmare

Nightmares are disturbing dreams that strike fear on an individual during sleep. They are commonly associated with past experiences and fears an individual may have encountered but have also been linked to fear of reoccurrences in the future. Nightmares are classified as scary and negative but this is not always true as they can be a sign of expected fears, making nightmares a valuable source of information that can be used to solve pending problems. Dreaming involves exploring memories in one’s subconscious making it a powerful tool if used correctly. This article explores some ways that nightmares can be used to explore and improve your performance and achieve success.

Nightmares are caused by other reasons besides fear

Some people may have nightmares related to ghosts but certain people experience nightmares for other reasons such as problem-solving. It has been documented on multiple occasions that people find solutions to long pending issues during anxiety and stress filled dreams. These dreams are also classified as nightmares as they involve an individual experiencing stress and anxiety in their dream but this negative energy is focused towards resolving a problem that may have bothered an individual throughout the day or over a long period.

With nagging problems weighing over the persons mind, they find themselves taking this problem subconsciously into their sleep where the mind continues exploring possible solutions. Many people with this habit tend to experience their Eureka moment in their sleep where the solution is identified and solved in their dream.

Nightmares can make you feel better

A nightmare involves your mind exploring deeply embedded fears which a person may have forgotten about. Nightmares help review those concerns allowing individuals to take evasive actions to protect their wellbeing. Acknowledging one’s fears and concerns is critical towards maintaining good psychological health and nightmares may be a key to remind or inform a person regarding a concern from the past they need to solve or address.

It is therefore important to remember the nightmare and try to decode the message within the dream which may be retained and hiding in your subconscious. Decoding these messages will allow you to address the issues which will make you feel better over time.

Nightmares can be stopped

As mentioned earlier, your mind maintains all your life’s records which are deeply embedded in your subconscious. You may have forgotten an incident over time but the brain retains a memory of the incident which is reviewed during sleep. Memories which are retained, tend to be important incidents and some may involve scary situations.

When you encounter such incidents, it will be able to remember the incident through the nightmare and you should take note of this nightmare when you wake up. By keeping track of the bad dreams you are likely to identify the reason linked to the memory returning during your sleep. This information can then be used to resolve the problem causing unrest which will automatically stop the nightmares returning.

In most situations, people simply need to confront issues they faced or did in the past. These issues affect their subconscious as the individual knows they were not appropriate. At the time, the incident may have been ignored but over time the guilt consumes the individual’s conscious in the form of recurring nightmares.

Document your nightmare to decode its occurrence

Some nightmares cannot be resolved as they affect an individual’s conscious too deeply where they may experience a traumatic incident. Examples of this involve sudden death, betrayal in love or love revenge. The effects of such incidents cannot be reversed but they offer important insight towards handling relationships in the future.

On the other hand, nightmares related to repentance and problem solving tend to have a lower severity and impact on the subconscious, making it possible to reduce or stop their occurrence. A nightmare should not be confused to be a possession or bad dream but one which explores points and topics one may choose to ignore or deny while conscious. These remain embedded within the mind and resurface while sleeping as the mind remains restless and seeking solutions or repentance.

Due to the conflict between the subconscious and conscious mind, the dreams are decoded as nightmares or bad dreams. To reduce their occurrence, it’s important to document the nightmares to determine the rate of reoccurrence and also document the nightmare details which will be used towards determining reasons causing them.

Nightmares can help improve your memory

Most people are unable to remember dreams but will occasionally remember an important instance. This automatically results in 99% of normal dreams not being remembered but most bad dreams being remembered in detail. This results in mental imbalances as individuals do not focus on improving the sleeping memory which results in important information and solutions also being lost.

By documenting bad dreams, an individual can gradually remember and document their good dreams which results in them balancing the dreams thus delivering a stable psychological state for the individual. Dream documentation not only helps improve one’s memory but is also linked to enhancing problem-solving which becomes an important requirement as individuals grow older and expected to deliver solutions for different situations.

You must use your memories acquired while awake and remembered during your sleep to boost your mental strength. This is achievable by managing and documenting your dreams which will help develop a habit of remembering your dream which will automatically boost your memory and boost knowledge acquisition.

Nightmares are feared due to them revisiting situations that an individual is scared of or that one may be hiding. Many secrets are revealed through sleep as the individual is unable to control themselves resulting in them discussing or exploring the hidden issues in their sleep. Nightmares are classified as scary as most people simply don’t want to face those memories but they also have a message and a meaning.

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