6 Top Productivity Apps of 2019 to Keep You Focused

How can productivity apps help you get more done in less time and stay laser-focused during the day?

Let’s face it…

Attention spans are lower than ever and companies are beginning to lose 31 hours of productivity each month due to insufficient meetings and other productivity killers.

With social media, cell phones, games, and music, it’s harder than ever to stay on task.

To get more things done in less time, you need to optimize and automate anything you can.

We already shared the best small business productivity apps, but this one is for all you solopreneurs or those who just need to get more done during the day.

Without further ado, here are six productivity apps that I am using in 2019 to stay focused that will are bound to improve your work output.

1. FocusMe – Best App and Website Blocker

If you work on computers all day, it’s natural to get sidetracked.

Whether it’s due to email, Facebook, Slack, or any number of communication platforms, they are hard to resist.

In fact, they can feel nearly impossible to resist.

So sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands:

Putting a temporary block on apps and websites to keep yourself focused.

And the best productivity app for this is FocusMe:

FocusMe is consistently ranked as the top application for time tracking, website blocking, and general productivity:

If you want to get more work done in less time (which you do), get FocusMe and start tackling your distractions.

2. SocialPilot – Best social automation tool

This may not sound like one of your typical productivity apps right off the bat, but hear me out…

There are 2.62 billion unique social users worldwide, as of 2019.

Which means you need it to reach your target market and communicate with them.

But, doing so is riddled with distraction. One minute you are ready to publish a new post on Twitter, and suddenly, 45 minutes have gone by just scrolling the trending page.

Sound familiar?

If it does, you need to be using SocialPilot.

With SocialPilot you can plan social content, schedule your posts in batches, view analytics, and even streamline your engagement by replying to messages directly from the platform.

This way, you won’t even need to log into social channels to post or respond to your community, risking further distraction.

For example, try scheduling your latest Pinterest posts like travel bloggers Adventure For Less do:

Another amazing benefit is that you won’t be sitting around trying to generate captions or post ideas, potentially disrupting your flow state.

Still not convinced?

SocialPilot can also help you grow your Instagram like never before thanks to its in-platform analytics and engagement tools, making it easy to accomplish everything from just one tool…

Talk about a real time saver!

If you’re ready to start winning at content marketing, give this app a shot to streamline your social.

3. Evernote – all-in-one notes and writing app

Evernote is one of my go-to tools for productivity.

Because Evernote is so diverse in what it can do (screenshot annotations, blog post drafting, note-taking, calendar, chat with your team), you rarely have to open secondary applications.

This means fewer tabs, fewer applications, and more focus.

Evernote is also free:

productivity apps

Evernote’s writing features allow you to structure anything from simple bullet-point lists to full-blown blog posts. For instance, as Lendio does, you can structure h2s, line dividers, and paragraphs directly in Evernote:

Then, you can export that straight to Google Drive or your website.

Not bad for a note-taking app, right?

4. Canva – Best simple graphic design tool

Canva is one of my favorite tools for just about anything visual.

productivity apps

You may be asking…how is this a productivity tool? Well, Canva is templated to the extreme.

From picking your dimensions to already built graphics, you just need to type, drag, and drop.

From there, you have pristine graphics ready to be used on any platform needed.

Want to make social graphics? Canva can do it.

Check out these examples from Eterneva, who shares inspiring quotes to remember dad on father’s day to see the type of magic you can create in Canva.

(Image Source)

Want to make graphics for your podcast artwork? Canva does it:

(Image Source)

No more going back and forth with a designer or paying thousands for graphics.

Now you can create them for free, in minutes, and even directly share them to social platforms.

Canva not only saves you money but saves you time, too.

5. Unbounce – Best page builder for your business

Unbounce is a landing page design platform that allows you to drag and drop elements to create sales pages, landing pages, and more:

productivity apps

Whether you want to build a sales page for your online products or a new landing page, Unbounce allows you to whip one up lightning fast.

Growing your business or side-hustle requires you to capitalize on ideas fast. You don’t have time to wait for a pro web designer to make you a landing page, and you don’t need one, either.

For instance, check out this landing page from Housecall Pro:

(Image Source)

Using drag and drop functionality of Unbounce, you can create a page like this in 30 minutes or less.

No more putting it off, now is the time to fire up a landing page for your business venture.

6. LastPass – best auto-fill password manager

When you are multitasking, the worst thing that can happen is forgetting passwords.

Not only is it time-consuming to reset them (let alone remember them), but it can severely interrupt your flow state.

Using LastPass, I autofill all of my passwords, meaning I can use multiple tools in a row without entering a single password, saving me minutes per hour:

productivity apps

While 5-10 minutes here and there doesn’t seem like much, it adds up over time.

LastPass is ranked as the best password manager out there.

Do your productivity a favor and get LastPass ASAP.


Staying focused is no easy task in the modern era.

But these top productivity apps will surely help improve your productivity in record time!

What are your favorite productivity tools?

Hailey teaches entrepreneurs how to 10X their business using the power of social media and organic search to generate and close more leads while creating a community of raving fans at haileylucas.com. You can connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.




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