How the Balance of Yoga and Meditation Can Motivate You for Success

Everyone has goals for themselves in life. Sometimes, they are able to achieve them and sometimes they are not. When they are not able to achieve goals, anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia can take over. Mental illness often gives rise to physical illness as the toxins produced by stress attack the weaker areas of your body. Physical and mental illness might affect your personal and professional lives.

While dealing with so much going around, you become stagnant and forget to climb the ladder of your career and life. But, I will ask you one thing, why is climbing the ladder so important? Who made this ladder? Society or yourself? While we work hard day and night for success, we tend to forget what success really means to us. It can mean something different for everybody.

Working towards success is not about losing yourself. It’s about building yourself while you work towards it. But how do you build yourself and keep calm while moving towards success? The answer to this is not one but two: yoga and meditation.

Below, you can find 6 points as to how the balance of yoga and meditation motivates you to achieve success:

1. Management of stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are not just hitting young adults and older people, but also the children and adolescents. It could be due to various reasons, some of which can be technology, abusive parents, stress at home, and bullying at schools. Early childhood is the foundation of our personality and development. So, remember if you go home stressed from work, it will be transferred on to your children. Children pick up emotions and characteristics of their parents.

It’s important to learn to manage stress and anxiety as early as possible. Yoga and meditation not only reduce stress and anxiety, but also teach you how to manage them. Learning yoga with your family will be helpful and offer an enriched experience as it will make the environment in your home stress free. It will also help you sleep better at night which will make you energetic and refreshed the next morning.

2. Positive outlook

Yoga helps you maintain a positive attitude about your life. Meditation and breathing exercises will make you more conscious about yourself and your actions. Yoga and meditation are not only about body stretches and breathing in and out. They are also a way of life and the benefits are long lasting. Keeping a positive outlook trains your mind in a way that you are able to achieve your goals. It makes you grateful about your life and by looking at the brighter side of life, you move closer towards success.

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” – Zig Ziglar

3. Increase focus

Focus is of utmost importance to achieve success in life. Breathing exercises and meditation will help in relaxing your mind and body while energizing your parasympathetic nervous system. You will learn to let go of the burden you are holding in your mind and focus on the important aspects in life. A relaxed mind helps you to sleep better. Additionally, it will help increase your focus.

4. Physically and mentally fit

If you are physically and mentally fit, you won’t be ill as often. Yoga helps deal with many diseases and ailments like heart disease, menstrual cycle imbalance, blood pressure, diabetes. It helps in achieving a healthy weight and regulates ‘happy’ hormones. Yoga increases the flow of blood and oxygen in the body and improves the circulatory system. It helps in providing oxygenated blood to every single cell of your body, thereby eliminating the probability of falling ill regularly.

As you learn the yoga poses, you tend to go a step further to achieve the next level of poses. In order to master a difficult pose, you push your mind and body for it. When you are able to achieve it, your self-confidence increases automatically as you think you can handle even more difficult situations in your life. Yoga makes you resistant to stress and develops inner strength and mind control.

A healthy body and mind are directly proportional to increased productivity at work. By decreasing your stress and anxiety, you will increase your competence and take less sick days. Employers should encourage the practice of yoga at their companies as it will have a positive impact on the productivity and efficiency of their employees.

“Learning to be present with yourself and to abide in that which is steady and comfortable does not allow space for self-judgment. When you live this way, you are practicing yoga: you are living fully.” – Judith Hanson Lasater

6. Self awareness and mindfulness

Yoga and meditation teaches you to have a balanced life. Meditation and breathing exercises make you more aware and mindful about your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. By learning to be mindful, you will be able to focus on the present rather than worrying about what has not happened yet. It helps you to clear the mental clutter and helps you to appreciate the present moment and focus on it while building upon your future.

Have you tried yoga or meditation? If so, please share your thoughts about it with us below!

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