Money Doesn’t Make You Happy?

There is a little truth in this, but one thing is for sure, being poor is definitely not going to help.

Being wealthy doesn’t make you happy, or at least that is what is being tossed around by the rich and poor alike. I believe that it is not very important in it of itself, and you can live a long and happy life being broke or living paycheck to paycheck. Question is, do you want to just continue on the same level as you are now, living a normal happy life. Would you really be happy never truly reaching your greatest potential? Because I believe that once you’ve reached financial freedom, you are given the opportunity to grow and become better than you were.

There are many popular sayings to the effect of, “Money isn’t everything”, or “Money doesn’t make you happy”, and although they are objectively true, you should never repeat them. Ever. I would prefer you instead think of money as a catalyst to help you build a better future for you and your family. This change in thinking could be the difference in how you look at the extra effort you put into actually making more, and spending it more efficiently. There is another side-effect of striving for more, and that is the inevitable transfer of knowledge and skills you will acquire over time, effectively making it even easier to become financially independent or just plain wealthy.

Many of the teachings from some mildly famous people will tell you how important finding inner peace and being happy with oneself is, and I couldn’t agree more. There is one problem with that advice though, and that is they usually overlook the realities of our lives. The real world we live in and the finite nature of our time on the little blue planet begs us to be more than just happy. We need to own our lives and make ourselves, our family, and our species better because of it. Being wealthy doesn’t necessarily mean you are helping anyone, but I do hope that the majority of you that end up being free from corporate servitude can help and coach others, and dare I say, donate to charities. Being happy on your couch watching some prime time sitcom isn’t making anyone’s life better but the actors and the network you’re watching.

It is a wonderful thing that someone with very little, working 40+ hours in a cubicle, and unappreciated by their boss can have “Inner happiness”, and have an everlasting smile plastered on their face, but is it really happiness? People will argue that we can subconsciously create our own reality, and though I know we can, this happiness is nothing more than a band-aid, covering up reality, and it is only one Friday night binge away from bursting out. This is not to say you need to be wealthy to be really happy, but don’t settle on just positive thinking alone.

It all comes down to being proactive and pushing the boundaries to reach that better version of yourself. Wealth can become that vehicle, helping you have more time and resources to learn new things and enhance your life. Money comes and go, but the wealth of knowledge you’ve gained along the way will stay with you, making it easier to attain financial freedom time and time again

I would like to end this post with a quiz. This is not meant to offend anyone, or does it apply to everyone, but I have found this to be my list of musts to be happy with my financial situation.

If you answer “No” to any of these, then you are not where you need to be.

1. You feel a sense of pride when telling someone what you do for an income?

2. You drive your favorite car and/or live in the home of your dreams?

3. You can lose your job today and be financially independent for at least 6 months, or however long you want?

4. You do what you really want to do with your free time?

5. You feel that you are on the right diet and exercise routine?

Although the last one isn’t about wealth per-se, it is important to take care of the only vehicle your mind will ever ride in. How can we work on our mind without working on the body that nourishes it.

It is important to be where you want to be, mind, body, and soul.

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