Rejection Is Just Redirection

Rejection is nothing more than a different path to success.

I’ve been trying really hard to keep up my routine lately. A routine that consists of training myself to repeatedly accomplish certain tasks such as reading, submitting a blog post, and recording podcast segments for my weekly show.

All of this is really new for me, and I’m kind of worried that all of this time will be spent for nothing but a few more megabytes of useless information on the internet.

That was my fear until I read this phrase. Rejection Is Just Redirection. It really changed my outlook on the, “what if nobody likes it” thoughts roaming around my head. It is very much profound for me as it so clearly explains how and why I got to where I am today. Rejections are no better or worse than being accepted. It may sting a little at first, but you’re pushed to be better and/or stronger.

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