Skills That Make You Attractive To Employers

Although how far you get with your education and your overall experience are important factors in determining whether you get offered that interview or not, having unique skills also serves to buff up your CV and set you apart from fellow job seekers. Furthermore, companies are always looking to stay ahead of the competition, therefore they are more likely to hire employees who have amassed outstanding job skills in addition to being well-educated and experienced. Some of the top skills employers actively seek out in potential employees include:

Proficiency in select foreign languages

Fluency in more than one language gives you an edge over other job seekers, especially since many employers oversee companies that are based in more than country. Learning to communicate in more than one language is, therefore, a great way to get job postings in foreign countries, with opportunities available in a wide variety of departments. Furthermore, employees are always on the lookout for employees who can facilitate translations between them and their foreign partners, so even if you are not perfectly fluent, an adequate understanding of a given foreign language will take you a long way.

Social media know-how

Social media is currently one of the best ways for companies to advertise their services and products. Being savvy on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat give you an upper hand when you are looking to secure a job with a given company. Larger cooperation usually employs professional social media specialists, meaning you will need to have a solid background when it comes to that area. However, you can easily secure a job in smaller companies which often need their employees to take charge of the official social media accounts along with performing other duties. As a result, a sufficient understanding of how the various social media platforms work is a handy skill.

Data analysis skills

Companies accumulate a lot of data on a day-to-day basis, hence there is always the need for an employee who can understand, interpret and analyze data effectively. Data analysis skills are therefore very popular, so it doesn’t hurt to refine this particular skill. There are currently many available courses online where you can vastly improve your skills and consequently secure that coveted job interview you so desire.

Problem-solving skills

Problems are bound to arise in any given recruiting agency or company, therefore polishing up on your problem-solving skills will serve you well on your next job hunt. One of the most effective problem solving approaches is the “IDEAL” method, which dictates: Identifying the problem that needs to be solved, defining and representing the identified problem, exploring or examining possible solutions, acting on the plan or strategy you come up with to solve the problem, and finally looking back and evaluating the consequences of your actions. A great way to prove your problem-solving skills during a job interview is by citing an instance in a previous job setting where you identified a problem which you were able to come up with a solution for, consequently resolving the given problem in question.

Ability to work with a team

Virtually any job will require you to work well with a team of people. The skill of being able to cooperate effectively with fellow employees proves the fact that you are easy to work with. This is, therefore, a very important skill to have on your resume which should not be overlooked.

Public speaking

The ability to express yourself in a confident manner and at the same time commendable engage your audience is always valuable to have. Public speaking comes in handy right from the interview stage, where you can earn favor from your potential employer even before securing the job. Furthermore, being confident and engaging during speeches is a great skill to have when pitching ideas or projects when you manage to secure a job. To polish your public speaking skills, opt for life coach training in that particular area, or take some improv classes to learn how to express yourself better in any situation.

Leadership skills

Along with being beneficial to those seeking managerial positions, leadership skills are also important in other areas where you need to be in constant interaction with other employees as well as clients. The prowess to provide guidance and useful contributions in decision-making is a great skill to display during your job seeking endeavors.

Final Thoughts

You need a variety of skills in addition to having impressive papers and experience to get your dream job. These skills range from personal attributes that allow you to interact with others such as being a team player to the more tangible skills such as data analysis. Including these skills in your resume and demonstrating them in the workplace is a great way to stand out.


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