25 Practical Modern Home Ideas with the Wow Effect

Interior designing has been the requirement for numerous houses around the world for quite some time now. People visit each other’s houses on regular basis where they witness the work done on their interiors and the whole thing becomes kind of a competition where everyone wants their interiors to look better than everyone else in the neighborhood. This healthy competition has given rise to many new ways of interior designing, older more sedate techniques can be sophisticated and formal as well but fail to bring the jaw dropping Wow effect to the interiors. Here are a few practical modern home ideas with the wow effect that when implemented right will leave you and your guests amazed.

Modern Home Ideas with the Wow Effect:

When looking for unique ideas that immediately bring the surprise factor for the viewers, interior designers have to think outside the box and implement ideas that are unique and appealing. Such an idea thought up by some expert interior designer is to implement an aquarium bed where the head part of the bed is covered by the bottom of the aquarium in a way that when the person lying in the bed looks up or towards the sides, they get the amazing view of the aquarium. Just make sure to light the aquarium up appropriately in a night theme color and intensity, so that the aquarium bed could be enjoyed at the night time efficiently. Tempered Laminated Glass can serve the purpose of the aquarium walls very well as it is strengthened to great levels and is almost impossible to break with lighter everyday impacts.

Okay so you have a house in quite a lavish setting where the outside view from the ground floor leads to some natural landscape, a very good unique and attractive idea that can be implemented here is to build a swimming pool that connects the interior of the house with the outer area. A pool starting from the doorway hall and going through to the outside passaged passing through a door probably will bring all the day feel and yet will have the ability to keep the people shaded from the hot sunlight (depending on the weather of course). Swim from the indoor of your lovely home to the outside of it and feel like a champ while you do it.

A work desk on a beach, sounds dreamy doesn’t it? Trust us it is. However getting your work desk setup on an actual beach might not be very sustainable for a lot of people. A good replacement of that is possible by building a big sized DIY sand pool (if that makes sense), what we mean is get 4 equal length (about 5 to 6 fee) stripes that are similar in all dimensions and nail/glue them together and fill the bottom with a thin but durable sheet of wood as well by nailing it with the ends of the stripes. All you now need to do is fill the DIY pool with fresh sand and keep it slightly wet for natural feel and place your work desk inside the sand pool area. Just add some natural daylight to the room and feel the difference it makes. You will get asked a lot about his one and the impression you will make on your visitors will be truly long lasting.

Almost every home has kids it, it is only suitable to dedicate some resources to them. Installing a spiral slide alongside the staircase provides them with an alternative way to slide themselves downstairs while adding the element of fun to it. Another added benefit of this will be that the kids will not always be looking to wander outside and will spend some time indoors as well. It is functional and it is great looking. You kill two birds with one stone with this one. Not that we by any means support killing of birds that is.

You are into pool, and are cramped for room to put a pool table in the living room, we have an idea that will suit your needs. Consider installing a pool table/dining table combo in the living room. This table has the top layer covered with a wooden sheet that will serve as a great dining table option and whenever not in use as the pool table. The top layers can be lifted off to reveal the pool table inside. This will serve as one of the better practical modern home ideas with the wow effect for anyone who stays in the living room for some time. You get to treat your guests with a delicious dinner served on that dinner table and only by making slight adjustments, you can have them playing a round of pool. Amazing right!

Attics are usually not used very much and all the space on the top side of the house is wasted. This can be solved by installing a Hammock bed in the attic area. Places to nail in the handing points of the hammock beds are easily found in Attics and the peacefulness of the attic is perfect to do a bit of reading or just casual relaxing while oozing in the hammock bed. If you can also get Frosted Glass windows in your attic, you will also be able to enjoy the warmth of the sun while dialing down its brightness at the same time.

This is a common one in most houses, the spaces under the stairs are just left blank with no usage whatsoever. They are big sized spaces that can be used for so many purposes, one of which is converting them into nicely sized storage cases. The storage cases should be sliding out ones and should have some type of shelves built in them in order to organize the stuff that is to be stored in them. Anyone witnessing you storing or taking out things from them will be wowed by how intelligently you have managed the space. Be ready to out the idea to your loved ones as they will be forced to ask about this one.

Backyards are usually just lawns or play areas for the kids. This is not enough usage considering how much acreage they take up in the percentage of land for one house. One of the more attractive practical modern home ideas with the wow effect is to convert the space into a cinema of sorts. All you need is a high definition projector, a white sheet with a stand to project the images on and a few throws and large pillows or eve sofas if that’s your taste and your backyard home cinema is ready to be enjoyed for the whole family and will bring the wow effect for your guests as well. Play your favorite animated films or get a treat from superman any night you don’t feel like going to bed early. Place a dim light on a table somewhere and the whole outdoor effect will be maximized.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want you to reveal too much to anyone. Your bathroom door stays shut while it is being used anyways, what we intend to do here is to make the bathroom space appear elegant and unique with creating a bathtub that shows its entire glory to the viewers. Transparent laminated and tempered glass combo materials are available in the market that have adequate strength to hold all the water and the person using them in. Alternatively, you can also get your see-through bathtub made from Plexiglass Sheet instead. Both options are really sturdy with plexiglass not having much risks at all as well.

This is a lot more purposeful than it might appear at first glance. A vertical herb garden in the kitchen will not only help keep the kitchen atmosphere full of oxygen and fresh but the herbs produced in it can also be used at their extreme freshness levels that will bring more taste to the cooking as well. The plus side of this implementation is that it comes at relatively low prices and you will not have to spend on herbs or air fresheners for the kitchen once this is implemented correctly. Have a clear Glass Door in the kitchen with clear glass window to maximize the sunlight travelling in making your vertical herb garden prosper and grow beyond your imaginations.

Having told you about the under space usage of the stairway, we have another top idea for the upper side of the stairs as well. Carefully convert the whole wall sides of the stairs into a giant bookcase. All you require is some right sized wooden cabinets and also some carpentry skills in order to implement this in the right way. Once you have done this one right, you will have all the space to store your books without them taking any other space elsewhere. Now you have a much more manageable book storage to go along your fancy staircase as well. You can thank us later of course.

This is an alternative to the earlier suggested backyard cinema option. If you are not into movies, this one is even more thrilling and full of the all-important wow factor than the cinema one. You will need to separate the backyard area from the rest of the house completely though, once that is done, create some nice sitting place around a sand tub and put matching cushions on them to complement the whole setup nicely. Now build a center tile or stone table and in its center arrange a live fire apparatus, this can utilize the modern gas procedure and the old school wooden and coal style as well. Once done right this one has the potential to wow all the audience including you and your guests.

Kids are very important members of the family, treat them by building a treehouse room for them. The bed area can be hanged alongside the ceiling and a side wall and the passage to it can be given in the form of a wooden stair to make it look more real and appropriate. This will make the kids want to spend time in their rooms rather than looking to hand out all the time as well. And yes, it will also make parents spend more time at home with the kids too. It is a win, win situation for everyone if you can look past the initial cost.

Okay so you are into Hollywood movies and love the different themes they implement in them. Treat yourself to a pirate ship bedroom, a bit like the kids treehouse room, only different in theme and colors. Hang the pirate ship replica on the side wall and ceiling and build like a wooden bridge entrance to it to make it more appealing and realistic. Put a ceiling fan on top and paint the walls appropriately and you fancy pirate ship bedroom is ready for you. Don’t be surprised if you get Captain Jack Sparrow in your dreams captaining your ship of course.

Jump-in pools or even dive-in pools are very common in expensive houses. Make them look different by altering the idea slightly and create a walk-in pool. This will require a down slope of non-slippery stone like material that leads down to the main pool area. Lay some nice waterproof sofas on the end of it and your leisure pool area is ready to wow everyone who walks in it. If you do this one right, it will provide you a design standpoint like no other. You will be able to enjoy cool water at any time of the day by simply walking into your pool area. Have it big enough for the whole family to have fun anytime.

You might think by now that we are talking about fire a bit too much. We don’t intend to burn your place down however. This is one of the most elegant yet real-life ideas anyone will tell you. A number of home stores sell one of these now and you can also build a DIY fire pit for the table as well. You will need a very good fire insulator sheet for the bottom part and some coal and wood small sized pieces to create the fire. Once done this will look absolutely amazing and all of your guests will fancy one for their own living rooms. If you are in a cold part of the world, you will fall in love with the warmth around this particular table area.

Enough of backyard ideas right, not quite, we have another one for you. For people who treat their homes as a place where they do some of their office work as well, the backyard office can be a great peaceful and calm place to finish their work in. Quality home stores sell very futuristic looking office pods that are break-in resistant and have alarms built in them as well. Utilize this idea to make use of the extra space in the backyard. This way, your wasted space can be turned into something useful. You will have a place of Zen to work in as well.

This is a great one for the kids as well. From the top floor, you can install a slide that drops in the living room just by the sofas. Make sure to polish the insides of the slide really well and make it as slippery as possible (you don’t want your kid to get stuck in the slide of course). Once done right this will create the wow effect for all your guests in the living room and also provide your and their kids with some play options as well. Use strengthened Plexiglass Sheets to create a clear transparent slide if you are into that. The thrill will be loved by all your young ones.

Fire it is again. If you have not gotten too much of fire already, this is a great idea as well for living rooms that have a backyard or lawn facing window. Just by the large window, install a short height table with a bit of fire pit in its center. Ignite real wood or coal to create a real-life look and make sure to vent the smoke our properly. A good way to vent the smoke is to install laminated glass sheets around the fire pit and connect them with the ceiling exit.

This is only meant for homes that might have many floors or even those big city apartments that have multiple floors. On the balconies install those strong laminated glass sheets at the edge of the floor and extend it outwards, then fill it up with clear clean water and make sure to change the water constantly. Your fresh air balcony side pool is ready to amaze both your guests and anyone looking from the road. Just be ready to share how you did this idea with everyone who visits.

Living rooms are most generally the places where guests are treated and entertained. Make them look sleek in a way that everything is very streamlined and neat and clean. It should have a cool feel to it and even the tables and shelves should be sharp and streamlined to finish the look completely. Install streamlined lamps in the corners and everyone will be wowed by the effect.

Here we are talking about illumination of a different kind. Ever visited a high class brand shop where there seems to be dim orange or red light emerging from the edges of the cabinets or wall spaces, that’s what we mean here. You will need to lace the edges up with those led pipe lights and create a bit of an air cushion between the edges. Once done, this will look majestic in low lit conditions and will wow all the audience.

For instances where you choose to make the TV the focal point of the living room, make sure to install a large board as the back drop and bring the wow factor of it. The backdrop should bring the elegance in the whole wall out nicely while highlighting the TV in the most appropriate manner. Place a symmetrical shelf on the bottom of the backdrop to put beautiful decoration pieces and the home theater on it to accent the wall as well.

Colors make the difference in interiors all that much. For walls especially the main focus walls like the TV wall, it is a good idea to complement colors nicely. Use bright complements like red on black or orange on grey in order to wow the audience perfectly. The different colors on one wall when done right have the tendency to look elegant and unique. Make sure to place some other similarly themed decorative objects in the room as well.

This is a common but very effective one. Walls occupy the most space in any room and need to look appropriate. Accented walls are great ideas where some part of the wall has some embossed texture in different colors on it. This different color should not be too different to the rest of the wall. If you have a light grey wall, install dark grey accents on it to make it wow the audience and bring the charming effect out.



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