How to use Mindfulness to Cope up with Anger at Workplace

Do you remember how many times you were caught in anger at your workplace? Surely you don’t, as there probably have been so many such instances that you only remember a few. Anger is a negative emotion followed by more anger, stress, frustration and many other unpleasant emotions. It affects you very badly not only mentally but also physically. If you have a tendency to become angry on a regular basis, you’re running with a risk of lots of health complications such as high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, migraine and more.

How to deal with Anger Mindfully?

Anger can be combatted with mindfulness but being mindful when angry, requires practice. Anger is such a powerful negative emotion that it makes you do things that you regret. Being mindful can be very tough as it requires enough practice to become a good habit and therefore part of your workplace wellness routine. So next time anger has seized your mind, you can deal with it in a better way. Let’s see how can you practice regularly to achieve mindfulness as a permanent state of your mind.

Accept your Anger

Many people never want to accept anger as an emotion that negatively affects their life. For them, anger is just a natural phenomenon that takes place in every human’s life. However, this is just an assumption. Ironically, anger strikes you when your mind is not ready to face certain situations. You have to accept that certain things irritate you, you must accept your anger rather than denying it. You can develop the anger-acceptance level by

  • Realizing that you’re angry
  • Not being judgemental
  • Rational thinking

Understanding Emotions

You must practice understanding your different emotions that lead to anger. Start realizing, assessing and labelling the different emotions that make you angry. This will help to give you some data to work upon and most importantly, it will make you peaceful. Next time when you’re angry, Identify if:

  • You’re frustrated
  • You’re upset
  • You’re tired

Understanding Impact

Try to understand how anger has impacted your mental and physical state. There are some states of your body which can be considered as signs of anger striking you. These are the warning before anger traps you. See below some of the common reactions of body when you’re angry

  • Sweating
  • Shaking hands or legs
  • Clenching jaw

Never stick to anger

Once you realize that anger is trapping you, don’t stick to it by thinking too much about what happened at that time. Just calm down, let the thoughts come and go, don’t react based upon the thoughts coming to your mind when you’re angry. You can use the following ways to control the intensity of anger

  • Leave the place
  • Write down the complete list of thoughts you had.
  • Take some water
  • Walk in the nearest garden

Practice being centered

Have you ever observed a circle? The centre of the circle is at the same distance from all points of its circumference so when you’re centered, you will find yourself at the same distance from all other aspects of life – a very calm body without any negative emotion. Practice the following tactics once you are above from your thoughts

  • Deep Breathing
  • Stretching
  • Meditation

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Understand the Cause

After passing from the situation, try to understand the cause of being angry. The calm body can think more accurately so when you’re calm, write down the causes that made you angry. The causes may be based upon the following

  • What made you angry?
  • How often the same thing is responsible to make you angry?
  • How do you react in such circumstances?

Be Careful next time

Try to do the consistent practice of being prepared in advance when a similar situation arises. Make an effort to check your mental state regularly. So next time if you’re caught in some anger boosting situation. Try to

  • Tackle the stress with awareness
  • Take your time to assess
  • Leave it if you need to

Please if you still think you’re not able to manage the anger mindfully and the things are getting worst, try to get help from an expert. After safety is always better than a cure.



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