Our Intuitive Selves: Why We Are All Psychic and How We Can Awaken, Access and Utilize Our Greatest Gifts

if you could easily and effectively tap into your intuitive gifts, talents and
abilities, have a direct connection to The Universal Source of information and
energy, and use it to serve yourself and others in the highest and best and
most benevolent ways possible?

if you could also use this wisdom, information and energy to get answers,
guidance and support regarding all of your most important questions in life?
What if you could honestly, wholly and completely trust in that source and know
that it was totally benevolent and trustworthy?

if part of that source is you?

truth is that we are all intuitive beings, we are all psychic and we all have
the ability to awaken these natural, yet dormant aspects of ourselves, and to
fully utilize these gifts which are just waiting for us to unlock, awaken,
access and utilize them.

psychic simply means using our full conscious potential and our inner knowing.

speaking, there are parts of our physical bodies which actually allow us to
utilize these dormant and mostly inactive parts of us. When we do use them, we
are essentially using our extra sensory perception, aka, our intuition, aka,
our psychic abilities.

parts of our bodies include our master sensory glands of the brain, known as
our pineal and pituitary glads, our organs, including our heart and our skin,
our digestive system, and even brainwaves which we can learn to tune into,
align with and access.

pineal gland is a small, cone-shaped endocrine organ in the posterior
forebrain, which is involved in many physiological activities, including the “sensing”
of information from the outside world.

a similar fashion to the pineal gland, the pituitary gland also senses
information which comes in from the internal and external environment and then
transmits that information to other parts of the body so it can be accurately
and adequately processed and understood.

our pineal gland and our pituitary gland, work together in symbiosis, it allows
us to see and hear effectively, with our regular physical senses and with our
extra-sensory abilities.

we are not fully utilizing these glands with our full consciousness (most
humans are only using 10% of our brains) both the pineal gland and the
pituitary gland atrophy or shrink, just as a muscle in the body would if it was
not being used.

even though these sensory glands become inactive as we age, especially as a
result of environmental toxins in the air we breath, in the food we eat and the
water we drink (note: it has been scientifically proven that fluoride in the
water, Genetically Modified Foods and artificial food substances calcify these
glands) we can actually reawaken these glands, just in the same way we can
build muscles in the body which may have shrunk.

addition to these glands, our skin, the body’s largest organ, has its own
extraordinary qualities.

after study, including numerous studies at The Institute of Heartmath, has
demonstrated that we actually have the ability to hear, perceive information
and translate that information through our skin.

know that the skin ‘eats’, since everything we put on our skin goes into the
body transdermally. As our skin takes this information in and distributes it to
other parts of the body via the nervous and circulatory systems. 

we strengthen and develop our ability to listen to the skin, we become more

from these sensory organs and glands which perceive information and send it
throughout the body to be effectively processed, translated and understood, we
also have access to certain brainwaves that allow us to tap into different and
unique fields of information and awareness.

Theta Brainwave is one of five primary brainwaves. It is the brainwave that
connects us to Universal Intelligence; the same intelligence which is within
and throughout The Quantum Field, which has been identified by Quantum Physics
as a universal, omni-present field of consciousness.

Theta Brainwave also gives direction to all of the atoms, particles and
subatomic particles in the body as well as all of our unconscious thoughts and

by accessing the Theta Brainwave, we can begin to become more and more
conscious of our own unconscious, as well as information and energy in the
Quantum Field.

fact, telepathy can be explained scientifically via the study and understanding
of the Theta Brainwave.

by learning to consciously and deliberately access the Theta Brainwave, we are
better able to access and develop our psychic gifts, talents and abilities.

also know scientifically that both our heart and our gut literally have brain
matter within them which we are not fully utilizing. As we further develop this
heart-brain and gut-brain matter within us and learn to use it in a more
conscious way, including the powerful magnetics of our heart and the
extra-sensory knowing of our gut, we do indeed, develop and strengthen our
gifts, talents and abilities to become more and more intuitive, and yes, even
highly psychic, beings.

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