EtonX Helps Youth Gain Confidence Through Public Speaking Courses

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Changing Your Direction

Today’s youth may be more educated than ever, but when it comes to tangible life skills, many are sorely lacking. Thankfully, Eton College has handcrafted an incredible customizer learning experience, through its technology company, EtonX. Synonymous with prestige, eloquence, and the royal family, Eton College has produced some of the most famous orators. Whether you want to make a career of public speaking as a motivational speaker or lawyer, or if you just want to be able to get over your nerves and give a presentation, public speaking is a necessary life skill.

Today’s young people are facing an incredibly competitive, fast-paced environment that requires a level of confidence and an ability to communicate your thoughts at a high level. Public speaking courses provide these exact tools and so much more. In general, public speaking courses will typically involve the following features: verbal communication, interviewing, and writing skills.

With EtonX, the public speaking course focuses on building confidence, perfecting your writing and delivery of speeches, and specified techniques to improve your English speaking skills and articulation.   Let’s look at each of these individually to see how they can improve your public speaking skills.

Confidence: A whopping 75% of people are nervous or afraid of public speaking. Public speaking so intrinsic to multiple arenas in life, that this fear can prevent a person from passing an interview to networking, or performing, public speaking is a must.

Writing and Delivery: EtonX provides excellent UK based tutors to help each student carefully craft their speeches. They learn how to pause and pace oneself in delivery. The best-written speech can quickly go south, if the delivery is too fast or slow, or if the tone is the same. EtonX’s public speaking courses actually include videos showing how to articulate and warm your voice for incredible delivery.

Language Improvement: Many students that are looking to improve their speech delivery skills are non-native English speakers. The public speaking courses at EtonX provide a thorough review of English pronunciation, grammatical issues, and familiarity with English speaking structure.

Other features that make EtonX public speaking classes so unique is that the student is able to tailor their courses to fit their learning style and interest. The courses themselves have been personally tailored by experts at Eton college. You will receive an action plan and fantastic interactive assignments and videos to support your learning. Assignments and quizzes are graded for improvement on each skill.

How to Learn 

Like any subject, learning is rarely a linear system. Rather, every person in an individual who needs to learn in their own specific way for maximum success. For example, EtonXs’ public speaking courses, offer a self and tutor group track. For self-study, you are actually setting the pace in your public speaking course.  You can track your progress via a dashboard. The tutor group is more intensive and scheduled. It also includes guided group discussions as well as graded assignments with collaborative learning set up.

Choosing Your Program

Never before has courses in public speaking been so accessible. Since public speaking often includes anxiety and fear, utilizing a program like EtonX really gives you the freedom to learn from the convenience of your own home as well as alone or in a group.

In a Nutshell

It doesn’t matter if you are starting a course in public speaking for the first time, have some experience, or already quite skilled everyone can improve and add to their confidence and linguistic talents through a public speaking course. EtonX, like Eton College, has an impeccable record of producing incredibly talented and prepared young students for the real world, where they will encounter many public speaking opportunities. A young person today can only stand to benefit from a public speaking course, as it will boost confidence for interview situations, making an impact in the courtroom, or perfecting one’s language skills to successfully deliver that proposal or presentation for work. The sky is the limit, to how useful public speaking courses can be.

You’ve read EtonX Helps Youth Gain Confidence Through Public Speaking Courses, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

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