11 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Self-Care

For how much social media has impacted mental health, it’s time
for a correction.

Over the past couple of years, a lot of people have stood up to
the plate and started to talk about self-care, as well as its relationship with
our lives that are getting busier by the day. Taking to the platform that often
is credited with leading us to feel anxious or stressed out, there are now a
ton of great Instagram accounts out there that have become vocal leaders in how
to take care of yourself. From the budding entrepreneur to someone trying to
lose weight, there’s a self-care mentor for everyone, which is why we’ve
compiled a few of our favorites. Check them out below:

1. Gary Vee (@GaryVee)

One of the kings of motivational content, Gary Vee has built
himself a reputation for inspiring an entirely new generation of entrepreneurs.
While he was formerly criticized for incubating what was considered ‘grind
culture’ (the idea that if you want to be successful, then you need to work
24/7), he’s since toned back his message.

Instead, Gary is a big advocate now in telling people they not
only need proper sleep, exercise, and nutrition to be successful, but also more
altruistic messages such as those surrounding accountability and honesty (with
yourself and others). As one of the most inspiring figures on Instagram, Gary
Vee is an absolute gem for motivation, as well as learning and understanding
how to be a mentally-fit leader.

2. CharlamagneThaGod (@CThaGod)

Over the past few years, radio host and personality
CharlamagneThaGod has been pushing a narrative for men (specifically, black
men) to open up and be more vocal about their mental health struggles.

Although his content is specifically only about mental health
(he also hosts the radio show The Breakfast Club based out of New York), a lot
of his content talks about his daily struggles with anxiety. Check him out if
you want a strong example of a man who’s open about his feelings.

3. Amanda Rocchio (@meowmeix)

There’s a big difference between dieting and nutrition, which is
a balance that Amanda Rocchio has mastered. The biggest thing that Rocchio aims
to do is educate people on what they’re eating, as well as how to manage their
habits such as portioning and cheat days.

A point we admire about her is how much emphasis she puts on not
beating yourself up for not hitting your diet or target weight. Instead, her
account is very much about self-love and how nutrition is a life-long journey
to explore.

4. Lets Mend (@letsmend)

Mend is all about putting back together that broken heart. An
especially great account if you just went through a breakup, Lets Mend offers
great content and advice to motivate you to not only regain your self-worth but
also feel great about your progress along the way.

With added anecdotes and great humor, Lets Mend also has an
amazing community behind it, which can help to make you feel not so alone after
you’ve separated with your significant other. Check them out if the upcoming
Valentine’s Day has gotten you down.

5. Bianca L Rodriguez (@youarecomplete)

If you wanted the reassurance that you’ve been built beautiful
the way you are, then Bianca L Rodger’s 
You Are Complete is the account for you. With a focus on self-love and
messaging around being proud of who you are, Rodriguez has started to build a
reputation for themself that all is revolved around the hashtag #stillworthy.

With a simple, but powerful message, You Are Complete delivers a
sense of self-care that reminds us maybe you aren’t so small in this world
after all.

6. Daphne Javitch (@doingwell)

As a more aesthetic driven account, Doing Well posts a bit of
reminder of what it’s like to have a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. With
subtle reminders all throughout the page, this is a well-curated page that will
act as a nice palate cleanser to your feed.

Check them out if you’re looking for something simple that is
not only a subtle reminder on self-care but on how to build a well-thought-out
Instagram page..which with the right approach in how to buy Instagram followers in drip
campaigns over time, you too can end up with an influential account as well.

7. Tech Wellness (@techwellness)

For how engrained technology is within our lives, it can
sometimes lead to negative health effects. Too much time with tech has been
noted to cause anxiety and other social problems (often stemming from social
media), which is why the account over at Tech Wellness is such a great

They offer simple advice on our relationship with technology,
for example, setting our brightness down before bed or why microwaving food is
less nutritious. Although some if might be advice you’ve heard before, it’s
still a nice reminder to have in your feed to put the phone down and just be

8. Chillhouse (@chillhouse)

If you’re looking for inspiration on what a self-care salon
looks like, then checking out Chillhouse is a must.  As one of the most popular destinations in
New York for treating yourself, Chillhouse offers content that highlights their
amazing space as well as practical advice for taking care of yourself.

If you’re ever in the city, this a must to check out, as it’s
often a destination credited for where the healing can begin.

9. Rupi Kaur (@rupikaur_)

As someone who gained notoriety for their poetry, Rupi Kaur is
an excellent account to keep track of. Perfect for reading if you’re looking
for someone that has a great understanding of the human spirit, this is an
absolute masterclass in self-care.

Their poetry is world-renowned and with one of the biggest
followings out there, Rupi definitely is in tune with speaking in a way that
resonates on a global level.

10. Self Care (@selfcare)

Of course, a list of self-care resources wouldn’t be complete
without the account itself, self-care. As a central hub for loving yourself,
their content ranges from anecdotes on being kind to yourself to how to have
great skin.

With beautiful but simple imagery, Self Care is a great account
to get yourself familiarized with the topic of caring for yourself in general.
Although to some it might seem obvious, finding an account this good and
straightforward is next to impossible (unless of course, they’re using the
folks over at ViralRace to get their
content in front of the right audience).

11. How Am I Feeling? (@howamifeelingg)

To round out our list is an account with the golden question of
self-care “how am I feeling?”. An often overlooked piece to ask ourselves, How
Am I Feeling rings true to their brand, sourcing content that puts ourselves in

For busy the world can be, stopping for a second and seeing how
exactly we’re doing can be tough, which is why following an account like How Am
I Feeling can be a huge help in having that question directed at us to begin

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