Knowing Your Purpose Will Transform Your Life. Here’s How to Figure It Out

Becoming familiar with your life purpose will change your life. It was such a liberating experience for me when I first learned about why I came to this Earth and what I needed to learn. It literally changed my outlook on life overnight.

There is More than One Way to Discover Your Life Purpose

I often have my coaching clients ask me, “How do I learn my life purpose and plan?” Many times they want to connect with their spirit guides in order to find out this information. Sometimes this isn’t possible because they are not yet ready to do this. When they are unable to connect through hypnosis, I suggest to them a program of observation to give them indicators and information about the different areas that are related to their life purpose. You can do this too.

Illustration Example

To illustrate my point, imagine yourself on the other side before you decided to come to the Earth this time around. You are walking along a beautiful sunlit pathway with your primary guide and having a conversation. Behind you is a group of people that you recognize from your life—your partner, your mother and father, your siblings and even a few people with whom you have worked with over the years. You’re excited today because it is your turn to finalize and put the finishing touches on your life purpose and plan. You are here to work out the interactions that you will have with all of these people when you incarnate as a group on planet Earth.

You will have a soul agreement with each one of these people that outlines what lessons you will learn from one another. This is part of your life purpose. You will make agreements to behave in a manner that will “bring up” issues between the two of you. That is because we tend to forget our agreements when we reach the Earth plane and we know that reminders are necessary.

“It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something.” – Winston S. Churchill

Influence of Environment 

We don’t live in a vacuum. We live in a dynamic, ever-moving environment in which we are constantly being told what we came here to do. If you listen and pay attention, you can hear the messages quite clearly. Your family, your friends, and work colleagues are performing a sort of passion play right before your eyes in order to fulfill their obligations to remind you of the lessons that you came here to learn.

If you look and listen, you can hear the subtle messages and/or see a recurring theme. That theme is making itself known because it is an issue that you came here to learn and resolve. It’s your subtle reminder of these issues and to lead you where you need to go to settle those issues. Start looking for repeating patterns in your life. You may not be in touch with your guides, but they are working with you all the time leading you into situations where you will be confronted with the issues you came here to face.

Illustration Example

Here’s an example of what I mean. Let’s say that you travel with a group of friends who like to drink and party. You’ve observed that some of them have a problem with drinking, but you think that it really can’t be that serious and you sort of dismiss it.

You can drink socially, and you have gratefully observed that drinking alcohol doesn’t impair you in any way. You are careful never to drink while driving and you can stop after a couple of drinks. However, some of your friends aren’t that way because they sometimes drive when they shouldn’t and there are times they are ineffective at work because of the partying the night before.

It is obvious that your friends came here to resolve issues with alcohol. Since you don’t have an alcohol problem, why did you create them in your life? The issue is really screaming and pointing its finger at you. To figure it out, ask yourself how you interact with them when they are exhibiting alcoholic behavior.

Do you fail to recognize that alcohol is causing them problems and make excuses for it, either to yourself or to others? Do you tolerate their uncharacteristic meanness and inconsideration when they have been drinking and start blaming yourself for their bad behavior? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then your life purpose lesson is different than theirs. Your issue is to acknowledge how you react to alcoholic behavior and to resolve that reaction. 

OK, you have seen the light! You recognize that you have reacted as someone who is powerless, or a “victim” in the face of your friends’ bad alcoholic behavior. Suddenly you realize that you had the same reaction to your father’s drinking problem when you were growing up. For years after that, you lived in fear of becoming an alcoholic. But that wasn’t your issue—reacting as a victim is the issue. You also realize that you adopt this “victim” behavior in other areas of your life. It is a major “ah-ha” moment for you and it starts the work that needs to happen in order for you to stop reacting as a victim.

 “People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.” – Dalai Lama

Uncovering Your Life and Purpose

Congratulations. You have moved through a major roadblock in your present life and uncovered a big component of your life purpose and plan. Recognition of the issue is about 90% of the battle. Now you can begin to work on this issue through various ways—hypnosis or vibrational healing.

But take a look at what else occurs. You now find that you chose truth over making excuses for your friends’ behavior and start to earnestly point out to them that they act very differently when they drink. Some of them react well and start to do something about it, others don’t. Those who then disappear from your life have completed their soul agreement with you—you have reminded them and they have reminded you. Those who stay in your life have more to learn, and you may have more to learn from them.

And so it goes in the complex tangle of relationships that we set up before we come to planet Earth in order to learn what we came here to learn.

What’s your purpose in life? Share it with us below! We’d love to hear about it!

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