Messy Love: Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Perfect For You

Just because you’re in messy love, or imperfect, that doesn’t make it any less valid or real. A messy love can be beautiful, and certainly, pull you outside your comfort zones.

opposites attract, they can bring on a whole host of things you never
experienced before. Messy love life can be filled with drama and conflict.
However, it shouldn’t be confused for a toxic relationship. It’s just a regular relationship that
functions with drama.

people are different and what works for you, doesn’t work for me. Come enjoy a
peaceful, low-key relationship, while others thrive on drama and high needs.

Nothing is perfect, but that doesn’t stop
people from trying to achieve it. And in the world of social media, and perfect
posts, it’s hard not to compare ourselves to others. But, the truth of the
matter is, we make our own perfection. And it doesn’t make the love you share
with your partner any less valid. It’s up to you and your partner how you want
your relationship to be, and never let anyone tell you otherwise.


are character building. In a relationship, they can be the things that bond you
two together too. For example, he leaves just a drop of milk left in the fridge
after using it. It’s annoying, but you two can joke about it. She always asks
for things the minute he sits down – he was just up and could have gotten her
that drink of water, but as soon as he sits down she asks. It’s little things
like this that can keep a couple laughing, and poking fun at each other.

The Honeymoon Phase

Honeymoon phase is still alive and going. Ok, well maybe not as hot and heavy
as it used to be. But, you certainly aren’t bored with each other. You have
accepted each other for who they are, and you don’t want to change them. You
argue, like any normal couple, but you understand each other’s value and
wouldn’t want to argue with anyone else.

Love Is Supposed To Be Messy

I said it. The cookie-cutter version of love that exists only in Hollywood is
nothing but a fantasy. Even those actors that are playing the roles don’t have a
love like that. Why? Because it simply doesn’t happen in the real world.

We make mistakes, we pick each other up. We
fight, we cry, we make love. On any given day we can start out happy and
content, and by the end of the day, we can’t even look at our partners. But,
what is important is that you find someone that you can experience all of this
with. A person who won’t judge you, or at least hold a grudge.

We want someone we can be ourselves around. Our normal messy selves. And much like an onion, love has layers to it. When you peel back those layers and expose the raw version of ourselves, things are bound to be a little messy.



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