Top tips for cleaning up your system Hard Drive

No free disk space for
your favorite game? Well, it’s time to clean up your disk space for installing
your favorite game. Here we have discussed some techniques for freeing the disk
space by removing junk and unnecessary files from your device.

Windows Disk Cleaner

Windows disk cleaner is
a vital and beneficial tool for you. If you haven’t used this tool; follow the
given steps and clean lots of junk files quickly.

  1. Open my
    or computer window
  2. Right-click on hard-disk
  3. Choose Disk
  4. Wait for some time; the disk cleaner will take
    some time for calculating the disk space
  5. Now select all unnecessary files such as
    temporary files etc
  6. Hit the OK

You can also use the
Cleanup system files option. With this function; older Windows restore points
will be removed from your system. Follow the mentioned steps for using Clean up
system files tools:

  1. Hit on Clean
    up system files
  2. Choose More
    tab from Disk Cleanup
  3. Choose
    Clean up.. from System Restore and Shadow Copies

Remove Duplicate Files

You can see numerous duplicate files here and there. These files take lots of your space. Windows do not provide any kind of tool for removing duplicate files. You should probably go for a third-party tool. With; you can easily remove all duplicate files easily. Now you don’t have to manually choose all the files. Just one click and your all duplicate files will be removed and you will get a good amount of free disk space.

Uninstall programs

Most of the disk space
is usually occupied by application such as games, SNSs, etc. If you think,
there are no more things to remove then you can uninstall unnecessary
applications. Follow the steps given below for uninstalling programs/applications.

  1. Click on the start
  2. Go
    to Control Panel
  3. Click
    on Programs
  4. Select Programs
    and Features
  5. Click
    on Uninstall
  6. You will get a list of software installed in
    your device
  7. Select the application you want to uninstall
  8. Click on uninstall
    from the ribbon

Remove Browser junk

Due to net surfing, lots of junk files get created on the browser in the form of cookies, history files, caches, etc. When we use Windows disk cleaner files; it does not remove browser files. You manually have to remove these files. You can also use a third party application for this job.www McAfee com Activate LiveSafe provides expert cleaner tool which removes all system junk files, temporary files, browser files and other unnecessary files from the system.

Store your data in the
cloud or in an external HDD

Still facing low disk
space error? Now you should think about storing your data in cloud or external
drives. If you have movies, videos or photos in your device then cloud backup
can be a good option for you. If you don’t want to store your data in the cloud
then keeping your data in external disk is also a good option.

You should regularly
clean out the junk files from your device. This will not only increase your
disk space but also increases the PC performance and keeps your data clutter

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